1st Family Medicine


The 1st Family Medicine was founded in 2011 by Sultan Mohammad M.D.  with the vision of creating a medical practice that treats every patient with dignity and first-rate care. The team at 1st Family Medicine are highly-trained and exceptionally friendly. We understand that for many, visiting a Provider can be a stressful experience. Our comfortable surroundings and compassionate medical professionals will ease your fears.

Sultan Mohammad MD

Dr. Sultan Mohammad MD graduated from St. Matthews University Medical School.  He completed a 3 year residency in Family
Medicine at the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois.  During his third year, Dr. Mohammad moonlighted in local
Emergency Rooms (ER) providing emergency care, triage and treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.  When his
residency in Family Medicine was finished he relocated his family to Arizona with a plan to open multiple medical practices in
the valley of the sun.  His plan has taken shape with the opening of one medical treatment facility in the west valley and a
second medical treatment facility in the central part of the valley. 



Harris Khakwani MD

Dr. Khakwani received his medical education at King Edward Medical University and completed his studies in 2003.Following his
residency at
Michigan State University, Kalamazoo Michigan he received his board certification in Family Medicine. Dr Khakwani
and his family established themselves in the Phoenix area.Dr Khakwani is fluent in three languages: English, Hindi and Urdu

Dr Khakwani provides care to all aspects of family practice Preventive Medicine Exams Adult and Children, Hypertension, Heart
Disease, Chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease, Diabetes, stomach disorders, Urinary symptoms, No shot allergy testing and
sublingual (under the Tongue) allergy treatment, Weight Management, Immunizations, Asthma and Asthma Treatments, Treatments
 for minor Emergencies and school and sports physicals. 



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